“We ask for your attention and commitment and in exchange we will offer you all the instruments to join the work system. Mine and my employees’ satisfaction is to see that you are interested and motivated and day by day to see that you are growing in an intellectual, artistic and technical way. It’s more than 50 years that I’m enjoying these great satisfactions.

Burgo Fashion School – Palermo

Burgo Fashion School – Palermo branch is born in the heart of the city of Palermo. Our Institute is a Professional Fashion School, with exclusive texts, instruments and teaching methods.

Method and History


Our courses do not require prerequisites: they are open to everyone,without age limits and without admission tests. The fashion system is always looking for young, fresh and creative minds. Burgo Fashion School provides students with the practical knowledge of the job, which makes them more competitive as they are already able to work in the sector. The courses are 80% practical and the remaining 20% theoretical knowledge. The courses are taught by highly qualified and constantly updated teachers, in close contact with the Milan headquarters. Palermo Fashion Institute adopts a method aimed at optimizing and emphasizing the timing of learning, having as its main objective the inclusion of its students in the world of work.


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Thanks to exclusive methods and texts, Burgo Fashion School – Palermo branch offers high-level training, guaranteeing quality standards for each student. Our courses are customized based on the needs of the students, it is also possible to enroll in courses at any time of the year and admission tests are not required.


Burgo Fashion School works with Texts, Instruments and an exclusive Ddidactic method

We use an exclusive didactic method, with bilingual books, constantly upgraded, which are used by professional all over the world. We also use patented and unique instruments.

Individual lessons, limited number of students for every teacher

Our lessons take place in group, but every student is followed individually. We create a customized teaching program, so that everyone can explain its creativity without any limit. Every teacher has a limited number of students.

Always open inscriptions, no admission tests. our courses are for everyone!

You can join our courses in every period of the year. Our courses are for everyone that wants to improve their skills in fashion design, cutting and pattern making. If you would like to learn to become a pro or a hobbyist, you are welcome!

Completely customizable courses, for everyone’s personal needs!

Our courses are completely customizable. You can choose the days of lessons, and you can also add more hours, if you wish to specialize in a specific topic.

Professional qualification diploma, released by the milan headquarter

At the end of our annual courses, the student will have to take a final exam in Milan,at the Milan Headquarter, with an external commission. Then, the commission will issue a Diploma, recognized all over the world and which opens the door to many opportunities for work.

Qualified, motivated teachers and in constant update

Teachers are carefully selected and qualified. They are also constantly updated by the headquarter in Milan to keep upgraded and offer a complete and professional service in a dynamic context.

Palermo Fashion Institute
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Where we are

Istituto di Moda Burgo – Palermo  is in Via Notarbartolo 5, at the corner with Via libertà, in the center of Palermo and in a nice context. It’s near the Notarbartolo station, easily accessible with a lot of buses and trains.

Palermo Fashion Institute: Istituto di Moda Burgo