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Fashion Stylist

Palermo Fashion Institute turns its students into artists

Fashion Stylist

Istituto di Moda Burgo is born to transform its students into true artists and provide each of them with the necessary to be able to harmonize the individual fantasy with the needs of a professional work. Becoming a Stylist means spreading your ideas by applying them to fashion. The student will therefore have to know the fabrics, the coloring techniques and the sartorial processes to stylize an idea with the awareness knowing that it can be realized. For this reason, the Fashion Stylist course brings together most of the subjects of the Fashion Designer, Sartorial Pattern Maker and Professional Tailoring programs. A true stylist will have to acquire skills related to the entire production cycle: from the creative process to the finished product.


  • Measurements Study
  • Anatomy and Proportions
  • Colours Theory
  • Fashion Rendering Techniques
  • Fashion Sketches
  • Chromatology
  • Decoration
  • Fashion Sketch Style
  • Illustration
  • Fashion History
  • Photoshop and Illustrator for Fashion
  • Creative Process
  • Fibers and Yarns
  • Fabrics and Materials
  • Fashion Design Portfolio
  • Method of Research
  • Sociology – Marketing
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Ease Allowance Study
  • Pattern Making – Haute Couture
  • Pattern Layout and Techniques
  • Pattern Placement
  • Tailor Sewing Techniques
  • Planning Techniques
  • Techniques Schedule

Total hours: 1120
Duration of lesson: 3 hours

Duration: 2 years
Weekly attendance: 5 lessons

Fee: € 450/month (22 months)
Annual fee in a single installment € 4.500/year
Registration fee : € 250

Duration: 11 months
Weekly attendance: 10 lessons

Fee: € 900/month (11 months)
Fee in a single installment € 9.000

Registration fee: € 250

Exam and Diploma

Final exam with external commission and issue of the Diploma of Professional Qualification in the Milan office


  • The registration fee is unique and valid for admission to other courses.
  • The cost of the course includes VAT and didactic material, which consists of text books and rules.