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Sartorial Pattern Maker

Palermo Fashion Institute turns its students into artists

Pattern Making Course

The pattern maker works within companies that deal with the production of clothing. It is a strategic figure, as unique in knowing how to realize the models created by the designer through the transformation of the fashion figure into a pattern. He then develops the pattern, from the design to the production phase, following the interpretation line adopted by the designer as closely as possible, respecting the proportions and style of the figure. Pattern Makers must therefore have fundamental requisites, such as creativity and technical skills, but also organizational and interpretative capacity. He must know anatomy, show precision and meticulousness. He is the mediator between the various figures involved: he interprets the idea of ​​the designer-fashion designer and guarantees the wearability of the garment, thanks to the sartorial skills acquired to be able to package the test canvases, in order to safeguard the company’s economy. He must also supervise the design of the prototype to ensure its industrial reproduction.


  • Measurements Study
  • Anatomical basis
  • Ease allowance Study
  • Transferring Darts
  • Study of Collars
  • Study of Shirts
  • Study of Trousers
  • Study of Coats
  • Study of Skirts
  • Pattern Making
  • Haute Couture
  • Pattern Making Techniques
  • Industrial pattern making
  • Creativeness
  • Fibers and Yarns
  • Pattern Grading Technique
  • Planning Techniques
  • Price Control
  • Quality Control
  • Techniques Schedule
  • Patterns realized by the students

Total hours: 600
Lesson duration: 3 hours

Duration: 1 year
Weekly attendance: 4 lessons

Fee: € 400/month (14 months)
Annual fee in a single installment € 5.100
Registration € 250

Duration: 7 months
Weekly attendance: 8 lessons

Fee: € 800/month (7 months)
Fee in a single installment € 5.100
Registration € 250

Exam and Diploma

Final exam with external commission and issue of the Diploma of Professional Qualification in the Milan office


  • The registration fee is unique and valid for admission to other courses.
  • The cost of the course includes VAT and didactic material, which consists of text books and rules.
  • Final examination fee with external commission for issuing the Diploma of Professional Qualification €300